Downspout Extensions

Rain gutters provide a great first step in controlling unwanted water in or around a home, but if the water is not carried far enough away from the house it will collect against your foundation wall and eventually get into your basement or crawlspace. Many gutters only direct the water from the gutters into the ground next to the home, that water can flood the soil around the home causing all sorts of problems. We install a drain system that connects to your gutters to direct the rain water to the street curb, or to the nearest low point on the property with a bubbler drain.


Benefits of draining gutters away from the home

  • No more soggy grass
With Standing water on your property it leaves your yard virtually useless, even walking through a flooded yard can ruin the grass, and make a mess.
  • Dry Basement/crawl space
With all the roof rain water being directed into the soil next to the house you leave your foundation unprotected for water to get inside of your home, leading to costly repairs and remediation.
  • Your gutters are less likely to back up
We use a larger grade pipe to connect to the downspout leaving the pipe a lot more room for water and other debris to drain without clogging.
  • Safe structure of the house
With water constantly draining to the foundation of your home the soil beneath the foundation walls can start to wash away with the water, leaving your home vulnerable to sagging of the foundation. Directing any extra rain water away from the home can greatly increase the lifespan of your foundation.