Foundation cracks and Pipe Penetration Leaks

When pipes are run through foundation walls, they are usually sealed with concrete, hydraulic cement and on rare occasions they are not sealed at all. These holes in the foundation wall are most commonly the first part of a foundation that leaks ground water into a home. A small pipe can be responsible for large amounts of water entering the home over time, and the smallest pipe can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If any water is noticed around a foundation pipe, it is best to get it sealed up and waterproofed before it creates a much larger problem.

Foundation cracks cause the same problems as incorrectly sealed foundation pipes. Even the smallest crack in a foundation will most likely let water and moisture into your basement. We have several different waterproofing systems to deal with foundation cracks and pipe leaks. Every house is different and our professionals will decided which system will be best for your foundation. Ignoring a foundation crack will only make the problem worse over time, it is best to act fast and solve the problem early.

Standard Pipe Waterproofing of a main water line
Pipe Waterproofing

Crack Injection Waterproofing of a Foundation Crack
Crack Waterproofing